About us

We do what we do best - we care about children.

Our services for kids and their families include:


  • educational support & tutoring;
  • coaching & training - personal development;
  • helping with house & household works (concierge services);


We – that is Lucie Vimrova, Alena Foster and Renata Ljunggren. Both Lucie and Renata are mothers experiencing themselves the stretch between professional lives and motherhood. Soon realising that being a mother and a professional meant cutting back or out entirely leisure time in favour of everything else around kids, work and household. Many other women and parents in general experience the same. So, we started generating ideas and once we had formulated these ideas to concrete services, we set up GoldLife services in 2009. 

Our professional efforts are strengthened by our partners - see also page Our Partners:

Healthcare partner:

CMC - Canadian Medical Care Prague is a leading, well establishe private clinic with a wide range of specializations that places strong emphasis on the highest quality medical care.