Personal Development, Relaxation & Health

Busy adults who have professional lives, family and daily chores often forget themselves and their own development and relaxation.

Come see our personal development & relaxation program . We offer child care/babysitting while you attend our program. Take care of your self.


Personal development coaching, training and individual talk sessions:

  • Assertiveness - learn to say no and stand your grounds in all areas of life;
  • Conflict management - do not rest in conflict, learn to leap into the solution;
  • Time management - easy to respect tips that will win you more valuable time;
  • Clarity in speech and writing - be clear and you are more likely to be heard;
  • Healthy cooking for adults and kids - be creative and healthy;
  • Health issues - where to turn, which therapist/doctor suits my need best.


Relaxation therapies and courses:

  • Stress relief exercises;
  • Chakra "ventilation" exercises;
  • Aromatherapie;
  • Massages (Lomi and shiatsu);
  • Kinesiology;
  • Reiki.