Sports Programs

Currently, the international community seeks to complement school sports by hiring private trainers for after school sports activities. This works well for indicidual training but falls short especially on team & group sports like football, hockey, martial arts, etc.

For this reason, we are primarily but not only driven to provide the international and local community in Prague with effective team & group sports based services for both kids & adults.

We aspire to:

  • Provide mainly children of foreigners living in the Czech Republic an equivalent to sports leagues / clubs. Clubs in the Czech Republic are de jure open for foreigners to join, de facto however, are hardly accessible mainly due to the language barrier and due to different style and approach to sports “drills”;
  • Focus on team & group sports with emphasis on outdoor & nature activities;
  • Offer the opportunity for talent development & contest participation to display and compare acquired skills with a larger community.

Our Products / Services

Our regular educational program aspires to develop children’s & young adults’ personal, physical and social skills in a quality and safe learning environment.

Our open courses for adults aim at providing a platform for social contacts to those that wish to engage in sports and fitness in a group rather than alone.

We offer:

1. Regular school year program/courses, incl. weekends

2. Special seasonal school year programs/courses, incl. weekends

3. Holiday programs / camps (summer & winter)